Big Storage

Inboxes come with 5GB of storage as standard, able to send attachments up to 25MB in size.

Desktop and Mobile

Your email account will work with desktop applications, iOS, Android, and have webmail access.


Personal technical support will give you setup advice and troubleshooting when and where you need it.

Easy Migration

If you have an existing email account you want to transfer, Eastern Digital can migrate accounts to keep those important messages and files.

Email addresses can be reveal more about you than you may first think. Think about the following examples:

  • - unbranded and informal at a generic domain.
  • - makes the sender think the address isn't just for your eyes.
  • - impersonal and unprofessional.
  • - sound like an address left over from your younger days.

With business branded email with your domain from Eastern Digital, your contact details will look professional, trustworthy and credible. Perfect to be listed on business cards, advertisements, and networking profiles.