How well do you know your Internet History?

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Not the internet history you hide by private browsing, I mean history of the Internet!

I have done some research into some of the big names of Internet history by the creation date of Whois records. It provides an interesting angle on the history of the Internet.

How many of these do you remember? How many do you still use today?


    • February 19th –

World famous technology company who brought us the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac etc…


    • May 2nd –

Another world famous technology company who brought us Windows amongst other products. 

    • May 29th –

Online advertising giant later snapped up by Google. 


    • November 1st –

Probably the most popular e-commerce website. 

    • December 15th –

An early Internet browser.


    • January 18th –

Portal for news, media, mail and search.

    • June 28th –

One of the most popular cloud storage services.

    • August 4th –

The number one online market place.

    • September 11th –

Almost synonymous with Microsoft.

    • December 14th –

Home of the WayBack Machine – snapshot archive of the internet.


    • January 29th –

Now the second largest search engine, owned by Microsoft.

    • February 22nd –

Teenage social network and rival
of Facebook.

    • March 27th –

One of the largest free email providers.


    • March 29th –

The most popular social networking site.

    • September 15th –

Internet search giant.

    • November 11th –

Video streaming service.


    • January 24th –

Brought us the Firefox browser.

    • September 14th –

Authority for domains and IP addresses.

    • December 15th –

Crowdfunding website.


    • June 22nd –

Blogging website now owned by Google.


    • January 21st –

Micro-blogging service.

    • February 20th –

Technology community.

    • March 3rd –

Blogging website.


    • January 13th –

The online open source encyclopedia!


    • April 23rd –

Perhaps the most popular of the early Voice over IP applications. Now owned by Microsoft.

    • November 22nd –

Photography publishing website.


    • February 14th –

Message board and online community.

    • June 4th –

Micro-blogging for photos.


    • February 15th –

Video hosting giant, now owned by Google.

    • April 29th –

Online news community.


    • November 26th –

Photo and link sharing social network.


    • August 18th –

The biggest name so far in digital currency. 

Interesting to see many of the leading domains listed have been absorbed into Google or Microsoft.

Perhaps the most notable period would be the latter half of the 1990’s and very early 2000’s seeing the birth of some of the today’s most used websites.