Is your business online?


Infographics are a brilliant way to communicate data and information, making it visually interesting to the ready. They can be used to bring numbers and statistics to life, demonstrate a workflow, or simply make a statement.

Infographics designed by Eastern Digital can be produced as PDFs for circulating via email, images for inserting into website and social media, and with bleeds and markings for commercial printing, ideal for leaflets and flyers.

Logo Design

Scalable Logo Design following Eastern Digital's SAVVY Logos principle:

  • Simple. A non-complicated design that can seen as a silhouette. Clear and instantly recognisable.
  • Appropriate. Visually linked to your business field and industry.
  • Versatile. The ability to work with light, dark and transparent backgrounds. Appear timeless.
  • Vector. Scalable Vector Graphics are used so your logo can be scaled from an email signature or business card to the side of a lorry or billboard.
  • Yours. A logo you will be proud of, you will get the final say and own the logo.

As standard, you will receive multiple desktop sized variations of your logo design for use on email signatures, invoices, presentation slides etc.

Drinks Menu

Menus and Price Lists

For digital and print, Eastern Digital can design menus and price lists.

Multipage booklet menus are available and you can also combine this product with photography.